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Healthguard-15 portable wellness kiosk


The HealthGuard-15 is a unique mobile wellness screening kiosk. This kiosk can be mounted on any table, desk, or work station. Featuring the same measurement capabilities of a stand-alone kiosk, the HealthGuard-15 provides the following non-invasive screenings:

  • Blood Pressure using Futrex’s Patented automatically adjusting Wrap-Around Cuff.
  • Heart Rate
  • Body Fat Percentage using Futrex’s patented near-infrared technology.
  • BMI, Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), Lean Mass, Fat Mass, Estimated Body Water
  • Weight

Benefits of Using Health Kiosk

Wifi access for e-mailing results

No calibration or upkeep required

Wheelchair accessibility

Secure design required for an unattended system

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