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Health guard 865 health kiosk


Get access to vital health information at clinical and non-clinical settings. Whether you need just one wellness kiosk, or planing a program for hundreds of locations, the HealthGuard-865 will make your wellness screening fast and easy.

The Health Guard 865 comes with an in-built printer is able to accurately measure:

  • Blood Pressure
  • Heart Rate
  • Weight
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Body Fat Composition

Physical Dimensions:
Height: 49″, Depth: 23 ½” , Width: 29 ½”, Weight: Approx 100lbs

The HealthGuard-865 Kiosk has a long shelf life of >15 years, environmentally friendly, cost effective and efficient.



Opinion of Respondents on the use of the Health Kiosk Machine

"A first class tool to improve patients experiences by providing effective results"

"Saves time; intuitive process; very applicable!"

"Modern; innovative; unique!"

"Effective for checking blood pressure as well as body fat"

"Good for health promotion"

"Awesome tool for reducing waiting time"

Benefits of Using Health Kiosk

Promote Health & Wellness For Everyone

Reduce Preventable Deaths

Create Employment

Achieve Universal Access to Health Service for All

Improve Health Seeking Behavior-Personal & Corporate

Improve Health Outcomes

Improve Quality of Health Care Delivery

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